The Vetting Process

We will vehemently protect the integrity of the DSM Safety Banner System that has been adopted by law enforcement agencies and security units around the world. It’s about saving lives.. .

In our support for the fight against global terrorism & criminals we vet every order before shipment.

For these reasons we will request the following if you are attempting to ship any of our products to a private residential address. 

We understand that this can delay the delivery of your order but as a promise we have made to our brothers and sisters in the law enforcement community… We vet every sale…. to ensure for officer safety reasons the only qualified individuals will receive our safety products.

For Law Enforcement Models

We can only ship the LE version of the DSM Safety Banner to a verifiable LE address Please forward us your agency and department address and we will get this right out to you.


If you have an LE agency email account: you may scan a copy of your credentials or business card and send them to us (please write void across the copy of your creds) from your agency email address…we can then send them to your shipping address provided; we will not accept generic email accounts for vetting purposes.


Provide other pertinent information where we could verify your position as a current law enforcement officer.

All copies of Credentials are viewed/vetted and immediately destroyed to protect personal information.

For Security and Safety Models

As a safeguard to all our customers past, future and present we ask for a verification of status before shipping of any orders to a residential address. Please indicate your security affiliation or company/educational/religious facility name, city & state and contact information for verification purposes to complete your order.

For Medical Models

Please indicate your position in the medical community and pertinent information where we can verify your position. A photo of a medical/hospital identification can be text or emailed to us will satisfy this requirement. Or we can ship your order to a medical facility/employer attention to your name.

Make sure to check your email and spam folder for our vetting email with your order number and RSVP in the subject line.

If this presents a problem…call us. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping the DSM Safety Banner secure and in the right hands.In order to keep our products out of the wrong hands or possibly being misused for a nefarious purpose we have adopted the following policy

People miss emails….we understand, we’re all human and in this thing called life together…we will work with you as much as possible to ensure that your order is vetted and shipped promptly.

If someone simply refuses to cooperate with our vetting procedure, we still have to pay office personnel to send those emails and process the vetting so a ($25.00) non- refundable service charge may be assessed to those that refuse to cooperative with our vetting procedure or are not considered an authorized user during a 45 day vetting period. When we refund your purchase price the service charge will be deducted from your total. It’s a pretty simple straight forward concept…. if you work or volunteer in the Law Enforcement/Security/Medical fields we will work with you to get you vetted…. if you’re just trying to buy one because you think you’re “an overall neat guy” we WILL charge you $25.00 for wasting our time.