Saving lives, one critical incident at a time.

Meet Michael Lessman – Inventor, Creator and Product Designer!

In Oct. 2007, while teaching “Response to Active Shooters” to law enforcement officers it became apparent that there was not a reliable, lightweight, portable system that gave non-uniformed officers 360 degree identification to prevent arriving uniform officers from misidentifying and engaging non-uniformed officers with deadly friendly fire. 

As Mike researched the “Blue on Blue” tragedies that had occurred over the years, it was apparent that no one had really made an attempt to give non-uniformed officers a concealable system to help identify them during critical situations. The windbreaker and raid vest were about all there were. Some agencies had “color of the day” armbands but nothing that could be deployed with one hand while holding someone at gunpoint and gave 360 degree identification. 

While conducting the above research, Officer Christopher Ridley was tragically killed in Westchester County, NY in a “Blue on Blue” incident… at this point it became one of the strongest driving forces in Mike’s life, to find something that would help save officers lives from these needless and tragic events. Waking his wife up (also a law enforcement veteran) in the middle of the night to talk about ideas for saving officers lives was a common theme during the research and development phase of the DSM Safety Banner.The DSM Safety Banner began with countless prototypes and from drawing board to drawing board drawing with input from street officers on what was needed and what officers would use in the field. In February 2009, the final DSM Safety Banner was released to law enforcement agencies.

In March 2009 at POLICE magazine’s TREXPO West 2009, DSM Safety Products took/voted “BEST OF SHOW” and was featured in the May 2009 edition of POLICE magazine.Sgt. Mike Lessman has spent his law enforcement career in SWAT, Patrol and Gang Enforcement; he is also an instructor in defensive tactics and officer survival. Mike has more than 11 years of SWAT experience and was decorated for his role during a Hostage Rescue Mission in 1999. Prior to his law enforcement career Mike spend several years in the personal/executive protection field and served in the USMC/USMCR from 1981-1987.