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During the closing months of 2014, the local police department was conducting Active Shooter refresher training and I was asked to assist in this endeavor.  I brought along my DSM Banner to showcase to the administration and particularly the plain clothes attendees.  Both the instructor and I spoke about our experiences of Blue -On-Blue during training scenarios and the importance of Positive ID during these types of situations.  During the Simunition based practical portion of the training, the plain clothed officer was equipped with the DSM Banner and throughout all of the evolutions, not a single plain clothed officer was engaged whatsoever, even in a low light situation.  This was a marked difference from previous evolutions where non-uniformed personnel would routinely be either shot or dealt with negatively due to the inability of facial recognition because of the SIM helmets.  The administration was very so impressed with the DSM Banner and that the Training Branch was given directions for a purchase order on the spot.

Thank you for putting out a great product that should mitigate any Blue-On-Blue situation and keep up the great work.

All the best,

Upon seeing the DSM Safety Banner for the first time, it was a logical approach to a long standing problem. I purchased them and have them in place with my lieutenants, detectives, school resource officer, myself and others ready for special events. This banner is a low cost investment to save lives and prevent tragedies. If you are a chief, sheriff, or police instructor you need to give these strong consideration for your staffers. It is all about saving lives.

Chief William L. Harvey, Ephrata Police Department

Police Banner Testimonials for Crime Scene Identification"Most of you know one of my major concerns is Officer Safety and I am always interested in anything which will promote it. Additionally, when I am "off-duty" and out in public, I am ALWAYS armed. On an all too regular basis we receive news about another "blue on blue" shooting. It has happened several times in Florida over the past couple of years. In most of these situations an "off-duty", a "plainclothes", or an "undercover" officer was shot by another, possibly a responding, officer. It is a question of recognition and identification when it was not clear to the uniformed officer he was dealing with another law enforcement officer. The question remains how to better identify ourselves if we find ourselves in "plainclothes" and in a similar situation.

Recently I came across a product called the "DSM Safety Banner" designed specifically to positively identify an officer who is in "plainclothes" or "off-duty" in these types of situations. I have included I link to the DSM Safety Products website. The "Banner" was designed by Mike Lessman, himself a full-time law enforcement officer. I have conversed with Mike on several occasions prior to purchasing my own "Banner". I wanted to make sure I was not wasting my money should I buy one. I have not wasted my money.

The "Banner" is a quality product, sturdy, well made and inexpensive. It recently won best of show for new law enforcement product at the recent TREXPO West Show in California. When deployed, it would be extremely difficult for a responding officer not to be able to identify the wearer as a law enforcement officer. Prior to deployment, it is easily concealed in what looks like a cell phone pouch (which does not identify the wearer as an LEO). It is simple and quick to deploy. Finally, when finished, it is very easy to re-pack the "Banner" in its pouch." 

Captain R.  Florida Law Enforcement Agency

"The DSM Safety Banner could be a life saver for any cop that ever needs to draw his weapon when not in uniform.. life insurance on your hip." - Ken Hackathorn, Police/Military Tactics Instructor-Gunwriter

From a federal firearms instructor: It was a real pleasure to speak with you earlier.  As I mentioned over the phone, prior to transferring here to Texas I was a Firearms Instructor at the ***** Division range at ******.  Our Primary FI, *******, had purchased your banner for the agents in our division – a decision that was partially motivated by the blue-on-blue shooting on Long Island in 2011 that claimed the life of ATF SA Capano.

 **** did not force our agents to take the banner but instead made them available to anyone who wanted one.  During one of our quarterly night fire shoots that mandates a flashlight familiarization, **** approved a course of fire I devised that incorporated your police banner.  The overall goal of this course of fire was to reinforce to our agents the inherent difficulty of identifying shoot/no-shoot scenarios when faced with real world stressors such as complete darkness, increased heart rate, and equipment manipulation.  We did not keep any official records – this was just a teaching point.  Three separate shooting stations were set up on our range approximately 10 yards apart.  The firing point for each station was marked by an orange cone that placed the shooter at approximately 7 yards from their targets.  Each station featured 4 full torso realistic targets comprised of a mixture of hostile attackers, uniformed officers, and plainclothes agents wearing badges roughly the size of the *** agent shield.  Each station also featured one steel target.  On the last target of the last station, I threaded your police banner through cuts I made near the shoulder and waist of a plainclothes agent target.

The shooters were sequestered indoors and brought out one at a time to run through the course of fire in total nighttime darkness, which necessitated the use of either a flashlight or weapon mounted light.  The shooters were instructed to load their magazines for duty and were made ready at the 50 yard line of the range.  Each shooter received the following instruction: You are responding to a gun battle.  You will run forward and locate the orange cone which will mark your first firing point.  There are a total of three firing points moving left to right.  In each firing point you must first locate and engage the steel plate with two confirmed hits before engaging any other threat.  Each threat target must be engaged with at least two rounds.

The darkness – not knowing what to expect downrange and waiting for your turn – as well as the initial sprint to the first station served to get the shooter’s heart rate elevated.  The mandate to first locate and successfully hit the steel with two shots forced the shooter to make proper use of their light in conjunction with their sights and served to reinforce weapons manipulation and accuracy.  During the course of fire I observed what has been previously documented during training scenarios of this type: good guys invariably get shot…with one exception.  I did not observe a single shooter engage the last target wearing your police banner.  Indeed, the most common reaction I observed when a shooter illuminated the reflective banner was to immediately bring their weapon to a retracted or cover position.  As a teaching point this course of fire was a great success.  It really drove the point home that wearing this banner increases the odds of surviving an armed confrontation.

I hope this finds you well and, as always, be safe.

*** DSM Safety Products LLC policy: The DSM Safety Banner will only be shipped to qualifying Law Enforcement and Security Personnel agencies.

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It's always a sad day when we lose one of our own, but when it is a blue on blue we have two casualties one physical and one psychological. The DSM Banner (patent pending) is a revolutionary, innovative, soon to be nationally recognized safety product designed to assist in identifying non-uniformed officers involved in a critical situation, giving the involved non-uniformed officer 360 degrees of visible, reflective identification, preventing tragic events associated with friendly fire of blue on blue shootings.  The DSM Safety Banner is currently the only officer safety product that is carried on your belt and utilizes one hand (support) deployment that give 360 degree visual identification.

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